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About wsb

WSB Energy is a Dutch renewable energies developer with a pipeline of over 500 MW of projects in Northwest and Southeast Europe.

We are 7 people supported by local development teams and a constellation of experts and partners.

The company started as spin-off of WV International founded by its management team to focus on new growing markets.

WV International is the former mother company of Windivision – a Belgian wind energy developer sold to BlackRock in 2020.

Are OUR Projects good for the environment?

By partnering with us, you too can contribute to the UN SDGs

We deploy utility-scale renewable projects to increase access to clean energy, decarbonize energy systems

We pay fair taxes, fees, rent, and tariffs to governments, households, or owners of land

We support community ownership of renewable energy projects

We procure goods and services locally and do our best to ensure occupational health and safety

We invest in innovative equipment such as bifacial modules and trackers which improve efficiency, and grid operation challenges

We comply with environmental standards and have conducted environmental impact assessments

Our brand represents the continuity between legacy, opportunity and innovation


Historically core expertise area supported by extensive track record in developing, financing, building and operating windfarms in Europe


Shorter development and construction lead times and increasing opportunities for large-scale assets to improve margins


Our response to the pressing need for handling of biowaste, particularly manure as an important cause of environmental hazard

our values

We take pleasure in our work

We do not wait for luck to bring about change. We seize opportunities and take initiative

We are not afraid of making brave decisions

We aim to do business in a way that respects nature, our environment and one-another

Durability of our company, our people and our projects is a primary goal in our decision-making

We strive for transparency, quality, and local acceptance

Oranjeplein 44A
6224 KK Maastricht
The Netherlands

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